Ceremonies 101 – part 2


Bridal Party

Who to choose? Who to CHOOOSE!?

To most, the choice is obvious, to others, not so much. Chose people who have supported you through your life’s ups and downs, and who will continue to stand by your side.

Who do I pick?

Or…just won’t have a bridal party? Share the experience with everyone equally.

Or…have your best male friend on the bride’s side or vice versa.

In short…it comes back to the old ‘it’s your day so it your way’


Music. Is. Key! It sets the tone, invites people in to be a part of your day and will be the tunes you make that special walk to!

I tell clients to tackle the music in 3 chunks!
1. ‘Before Music: Background tunes to set the mood while everyone is mingling awaiting the arrival of the bride

2. Ceremony Music: You need three songs for the ceremony – the aisle song (that the bride walks in to), signing song (something to play whilst we sign the paperwork) and an exit song (the celebration song you take your first steps as husband and wife to)

3. After Music: Something upbeat to start the celebrations! You can create one fantastic playlist for before AND after and just press play!
For me, I have clients send me the music beforehand, and I set up a playlist, so everything runs smoothly.

But! There are other options. Live music or a quartet is equally as impressive (if not better in my personal opinion)

Recently I met Bourne Entertainment at a friend’s wedding and they were fan-tas-TIC!

They did their take on classics and did some fantastic covers – so much, so we thought it was a recording at one point! But one thing that was for sure, when we (the bridal party) arrived at the reception, everyone was relaxed, enjoying themselves and ready to spend the night celebrating!

‘Who brings this {wo}man to this man in marriage?’

In the majority of the weddings I conduct it’s still the father that walks his son or daughter down the aisle to present her to her husband or wife-to-be, this said, doesn’t mean that’s what has to be done.

If you’re a little more left of field, you can have both parents, your cousin, best friend or even the milkman walk you down if you’d prefer!

“I Do”. Do you?11357187_980195585331978_8031192424992480416_o

Vows are hard, and people often worry about them—a lot. Thanks to movies like ‘The Vow’ and other such Hollywood creations, people worry about what they say won’t’ be perfect. But there’s no point having a Champagne ceremony if your actually Beer people. And by this I mean the key to your vows is be who you are.

They can be serious or light-hearted but what’s important is that they mean the most to you. And reflect your story and journey together, and what makes you, ‘you’.

I provide my clients with a selection of vows and examples and all sorts, but it’s just a guide, no-one knows your relationship better than you.
You can even keep your vows a surprise and only share them on the day!

Some of my favourites have been the most simple and honest: “I promise to close the cereal box every morning & to try to be a good egg” or…
“I love that we can explore together that when we travel and see something amazing that I will have someone next to me to say ‘that is amazing’. Instead of to myself…in my head.”

The legal jargon

There are without a doubt some words in the ceremony that cause some contention, but unfortunately, yes, they have to be said. Things like the Monitum and ‘The Asking’ within the ceremony are non-negotiable in a legal sense, but this doesn’t mean we can’t still have some fun with them.

If you aren’t super keen on the ‘I do’, as long as there’s some form of a verbal offering and acceptance of the Marriage you will still be legally married.

Part 3 coming soon!