Ceremonies 101 – part 3

So other than a lot of talking, there’s some legalities and other things included in the ceremony too.

One biggie is the paperwork, this is signed during the ceremony and you’ll need two witnesses over the age of 18 to co-sign. Traditionally a lot of people assume it’s the Maid of Honour and Best man, but trust be told it can be anyone, Mum & Dad, cousins, or someone special to you that isn’t in the bridal party.

It’s also worthwhile considering placement, and if you’re ok with your guests coming up to grab a quick picture and look at you signing, or if you’d prefer them to stay seated.


Rituals like readings often break up the ceremony (so it’s not solely talking) and are a beautiful way to add some tradition. Other than the traditional exchange of things, there’s an abundance of other interesting things to incorporate and add to the occasion.

Hand fasting; sand ceremony; releasing butterflies or doves; rings warming are just a few, and while I will give you a list of ideas and creative suggestions, don’t hesitate to ask your family or even scour the internet for something that’s ‘you’.

‘I now present to you…’

This is your big finale! The first time you’re presented as a married couple, so make it a big arrival!

Depending on venue restrictions confetti’s is great fun, but there’s also bubbles, rice or roses

You can have your guests form an arch for you to walk under, or you can just stand there and put your arms in the air (like you just don’t care!).

But guests will wonder what to do, so consider that when you’re thinking of your exit and whether you’d like to go straight into congratulations, or just sneak off for a few moments just the two of you.


Now the ceremony is over it’s time for those more organised photos (rather than candid during the ceremony) so if you’d like a group photo, do it now. Otherwise it’s like herding cattle as everyone wanders off.

Mention at the end of the ceremony you’d like a group photo and people will tend to hang around. To make life easier for the photographer, write a list of everyone you’d like a photo with – there are the obvious immediate family (Mum & Dad) photos, but who else would you like a photo with? Make a list, check it twice, and you’ll have gorgeous photos to look back on for the rest of your life!

These are just a few ideas and tips, regardless of what you do or don’t include, remember it’s your day, have it your way, and remember it’s about the two of you and what’s lead you to this (amazing) point in life!

Good Luck!

Remember, whatever you choose to include, have a good think about whether it really means something to you both as a couple. Happy ceremony planning!