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So. you’ve found your ‘person’, and no doubt you’ve looked at venues and all of the other fun things when it comes to a wedding. But what about the ceremony? Who is going to make it legal and legit? Does it matter?

Yes, it does. Find someone that suits you; you’ve got to be 110% comfortable with the person who will be standing with you with a spare tissue for you when you’re sharing your vows.

Come game-day; it’s the little things that will make a difference. 

Nervous? I’ve got you.

Forgotten a tissue? I’ve got spares.

Need someone to interrupt those awkward ‘now’s your chance to run, buddy’ conversations? Leave it to me.

Aside from the ceremony itself, a few things need to be done before your big day to ensure things run smoothly. 

Each of them is important, and all need to be considered when choosing your celebrant. My best assurance is that I’ll treat your ceremony with the same importance as you do.

Fully qualified with over thirteen years of experience, having performed hundreds of weddings – you’re in safe hands.

I’ll work with you to write a ceremony ideally suited to you, complete all the paperwork and be with you through every step of the process.

Not sure where to have the ceremony? Mum’s house, on the beach, a boat, a hill, a farm or in your Nanna’s backyard surrounded by her precious roses – use your imagination. 

Because there’s just no point having a champagne ceremony if you’re really VB fist-pumping, super chilled kinda folk.

It’s a cliché, but I’m here for it – your day, do it your way, legends.


Take the pressure off your wedding guests and let them enjoy the party. As MC I’ll be the ‘go-to’ for vendors, make sure speeches are kept in check, and the dancefloor stays jumping!

MC services are quoted individually.

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  1. Hi Shannon! I was wondering if you could please send me a quote for your celebrant services and I was wondering if you could cater to do a christian ceremony?
    Kind Regards

  2. blank

    Hey Shan! I was wondering if you could please send me a quote for your celebrant services.
    Talk soon xx

  3. blank

    Hi Shannon,

    My fiancé and I were wondering if you are available to be our wedding celebrant on the 30th March, 2019 in Fremantle?



  4. blank

    My partner Sarah and I are on the hunt for a wedding celebrant.
    We have booked the South Perth Yacht Club for the 07/04/18 and we are wondering if you are available for the date? And if possible some pricing aswell.

    Cheers Rob and Sarah

  5. blank

    Hi Shannon,

    Just enquiring about your availability for a 2:30pm ceremony on April the 8th, 2017.
    Also interested in your wedding ceremony fees.

    Thanks heaps!
    Spencer Davis

  6. blank

    Hi Shannon,
    We are getting married on 07/04/17 at the quarry in city beach at 3:30pm. Are you available for this ceremony?
    Many thanks,
    Nadia & Troy

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    Shannen Langtry

    Hi Shannon, i was just wondering what you’re fees are for a wedding ceremony and if you are available on the 7th of January 2017.
    Kind Regards,
    Shannen Langtry

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    Stephanie O'Lone

    Hi Shannon
    Just wondering if you could please send through your fees.
    Also availability for our wedding being 24th Feb 2017.
    Kind Regards, Stephanie O’Lone

  9. blank


    Just wanting to know your package prices and if you are available for the 17th March 2017 at Lamonts for a 4pm ceremony
    Thank you

  10. blank

    Hi Shannon,
    Just checking your availability for Saturday 15th October, 2016? We’re throwing a Fancy Party and are looking for someone lovely to do the Marriage Celebrant-y stuff! Let me know if you’re free to discuss. Cheers! Krystyn

  11. blank
    Michelle Calabrese

    Hi Shannon,

    Are you available on June 5th 2016? If so could you please send me a list of your fees?

    Thank you

  12. blank

    Hi Shannon, are you available 11th March 2017 3.30pm in Whitby? If so can you please send me your fees and such, thank you! Emma.

  13. blank

    Hi Shannon,
    Are you available Saturday 17th September 2016 for our Wedding in Yanchep? Could you please forward a list of your prices etc.

  14. blank
    Megan Payze & Christopher McErvale

    I was wondering if I could get a quote for a wedding at Hyde Park on 19th Nov 2016. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards
    Megan and Chris

  15. blank

    Hi shannon,
    Would you be avalible for. 04/03/17? Wondering if you are able to send me a quote through with prices etc

  16. blank

    Hi shannon.
    my partner and I are getting married on the 21-11-2015. At 2pm.
    Would you be available and what are your prices?

  17. blank

    Hello Shannon,
    Are you available to do our wedding for the 21/11/2015?
    Can you please send me a quote and all the details for the process leading towards the wedding?
    Thank you,

  18. blank
    Isabella Quartermaine

    Hi Shannon,

    I am getting married at Caversham House on 12th March 2016 and just wondering if you could send me your prices? Also do you have any videos of you performing a ceremony?


  19. blank

    Could you let me know if you’re available on 20-02-16 and what your fees are and what that includes?
    thank you

  20. blank

    Hi Shannon,
    Just wondering if you’d be available for a wedding on Sat 28 Feb, 2015?
    I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

  21. blank

    Hi Shannon,
    we are looking for a celebrant for the 7th November 2015. also, If you are available on this date what are your prices?
    many thanks,

  22. blank

    Hi Shannon,

    I am not sure if you remember me, but I spoke to you ages ago at the upmarket wedding day at UWA ( I’m sure you spoke to hundreds of people).

    I am hoping you could be our celebrant for our wedding on 7 November 2015 at Oakover Winery in the Swan Valley?

    Ben and I would love to catch up and discuss with you.



  23. blank

    We’re looking for a celebrant on the 4th of April 2015 (Easter Saturday). Our venue is in the Perth area. I know it’s short notice, but are you available and if so, what are your prices?
    Thank you!

  24. blank

    Hi shannon.
    My partner hamish and I are planning our wedding for November 7 of next year at brookleigh estate and we have been recommended to you by joanne armstrong. Could you please let us know if you are available for this date still as we would be interested in discussing our wedding with you.

  25. blank

    I am looking for a celebrant for out wedding on November 15 2014 , are you available and if so if would like to meet with you. You come as a recommendation from Joanne Armstrong who I contacted and is booked up.

  26. blank

    Hi Shannon,
    Just wondering if you would be able to email me your price list and also your availability for October 5th 2014? I have been recommended to speak to you from a friend.
    Thank you,

  27. blank

    Hi Shannon, just enquiring as to whether you travel down south?
    We are looking at Eagle Bay on 21st March 2015 and would love some further information from you.
    Thanks, Amy.

  28. blank

    Hi Shannon

    Making an enquiry for your services on the 28th feb 2014 in Perth. Would be great to discuss further when you have a moment.

  29. blank

    Hi Shannon just wondering on your availability for our wedding at brookleigh next year. We are getting married on 25/10/14 we are just getting started on booking everything for our big day so seeing what is available for us.

    Thanks for your time.

    Glen Adams

  30. blank

    Hi Shannon,
    Just wondering if you are available for a wedding on Saturday November 1st 2014 at 1pm? Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂
    Mel Bottcher

  31. blank

    Hi Shannon,
    I am in the early stages of planning my wedding for the 21 March 2014 in Fremantle and was wondering if we can organise a time for a chat and discuss the next step.
    Thanks, Briony

  32. blank

    Hi there, I’m getting married in November this year on the 14th (Thursday) and was wondering if you were available? Thanks regards alannah

  33. blank

    We are getting married at queens gardens perth on 21/02/214. Can you please advise when you are available to meet up and discuss our ceremony? thanks 🙂

  34. blank

    Hi Shannon,
    We are just wondering if you have availablilty for a wedding ceremony on Friday 6 September 2013 at 3.30pm? If you could also advise how much your fees are that would be much appreciated.
    Kind Regards,

  35. blank


    Just wanting to know what your fee is for wedding ceremony it will be 7/6/2014 roughly about 2.30pm. We wont need a table or chairs or anthing like that as the venue supplys all that 🙂

  36. blank


    My partner and i have recently been planning our wedding and
    was just enquiring about how much you charge to do weddings,
    My partner and I are getting married on April 12th 2014, at Araluen Botanical Gardens.
    We are not to sure of the time but it will be around 3.00.

    Regards Tiala

  37. blank

    Hello Shannon,

    You have been recommended to me by my friend Natalie James. I would like to know of your pricings and if you available for our wedding ceremony at the Perth Zoo on Saturday 2nd November 2013.

    Thank You

    Naomi Moscio

  38. blank

    Hi Shannon,

    We are looking at getting married on the 25/05/2013 and were wondering if you are free and what you charge.


  39. blank


    We are getting married 29 March 2014. Our outdoor ceremony will be held at Matilda Bay Reserve, Nedlands. Our style for our wedding is casaul summer/vintage. We are a young couple looking for a youthful celebrant to reflect our style.

    If you could possibly send general costings as well that would be very helpful.

    Many thanks,
    Megan & James

  40. blank

    Hi Shannon, I’m in the early stages of planning our wedding for March 14th 2014 and m wondering if you were able to give me a quote. Thank you. Sarah.

  41. blank

    Hi Shannon,
    We’re getting married 19/10/13 and would like to know how much it costs? I have no idea! Thank you and look forward to hearing from you. 🙂

    Tegs & Jus

  42. blank

    Hi Shannon,

    We are getting married on 10/11/12 at our house in Mt Helena and was wondering if we could organise a time with you to have a chat about our wedding and what we need to do?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Lauren and Michael

  43. blank

    We are looking to have a joint naming ceremony for my daughter and my nephew on the first or third weekend in September. We just want a small informal ceremony at one of our homes either in Currambine or carramar.
    If you are available for any of the above dates we would love some information including fees?
    Thanks 🙂

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