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Still think their nice, say your vows twice! Celebrate the milestones you’ve made, hurdles you’ve overcome and the good times that lay ahead with a renewal of vows. 

Marriage and Relationships are hard work, so if you’ve stuck it out through the good and bad and the ugly, you deserve another special day. Re-declare your love! It’s like a ‘well done us’ party; high 5’s all round and another excuse for a shindig

Regardless of how long you’ve been together, don’t lose sight of why you first got married, and those precious words you said.

 It’s a great idea for a Birthday or Anniversary present too! 

But don’t worry, it’s not a formal thing and doesn’t need to be all starchy, we can even copy and re-create the ceremony first time around too if you like – just in case someone ruined the first one!


Despite the arguments over who gets the last Freddo in the pack and the paint on the walls, you still love them. An alternative to a traditional Christening or Baptism, a naming day allows your newborn to be introduced and welcomed into the world surrounded by family and friends.


Losing a loved one is never an easy thing. When it does happen, it’s not only about reflecting on what they brought to your world but also celebrating their life and memory.

Funerals can be equally as much a celebration of someone’s life rather than solely a time for mourning. The funeral service offers the chance to celebrate the milestones, achievements and adventures of the person you loved.

As a fully trained celebrant with over ten years of experience, I can help you and your family through what is often a difficult time and help create a funeral service perfectly suited to your loved one.

Often arranged in conjunction with a funeral director or funeral home, I can assist with writing a beautiful ceremony that can include readings, poems or rituals like a release of doves, candle lighting, and arranging the music to be played during the service.

Having worked with some of Perth’s leading funeral homes, including Marina Purslowe Funerals, White Lady, Simplicity Funerals and Chipper Funerals, I have no doubt I can also create something beautiful for you and your family