what’s included?

What do you get for your hard earned moolah?

Well some celebrants include things that others don’t.

So what ‘bang for your buck’ do I give you:

  • Moi – I’m there to make your Marriage fully legit from start to finish. All day!


  • Chin wag – first up we have a chat, obligation free to make sure we’re also a ‘match’ and that we get along!
  • Legals – I handle all the official paperwork and then ensure it’s lodged with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • Sound – I bring a Madonna mic for me, a hand held mic for you, and my trusty Wireless portable PA system which we also use for your tunes
  • My phone number – call (or email!) any time, ask any questions, and I’ll get back to you pronto
  • Something for the wall – a pretty Marriage certificate for you to hang on the wall. Or just put in the drawer. Either/or!
  • Words – I’ll work with you to write the ceremony so it’s perfectly suited to ‘you’. No point trying to be gushy if you’re more a fist pump kinda couple! You also get access to a file of examples, ideas, readings build up over 10 years of me being a Celebrant

It’s not just weddings I do, I’m up for vow renewals, naming days and funerals.

Sound good? Drop me a line and let’s have a chat!

Lara Harding - Hello,
Couldn’t locate an email or phone number, just wishing to contact regarding availability etc.
Thank you

danielle - hi just woundering if you are available on the 29th march 2014 at 14.30 and what your fees are
Kind Regards

Jarree - Hi just wondering if you are available on 15th March 2014 and what your fees are. We are getting married near Harvey.
Thanks heaps

Julia D - Hi Shannon,
My fiancée and u are getting married on the 27th sept 2014. Are you available on this date?

Leena Davis - Hi Shannon,

We’re getting hitched on the 15th Nov 2014 at Chapel Farm and wanted to firstly see if you are available and secondly to see if we could meet up for a chat?


Leena & Joey

jessica - Hi I was wondering if you were available on Saturday 22/11/14? Many thanks

Emma - Hi Shannon,
just inquiring if you were available October 11th 2014?
We are after a short and simple civil ceremony (nothing fancy!)


Aimee Wright - Hi Shannon, my partner and I are getting married at Sandalford in Caversham on Saturday 9 July 2016 and we are looking for a celebrant. Just wondering first of all if you are available? Also wondering what we need to arrange paperwork wise so that it is all legal- I don’t even know where to start with this and finally how much you charge.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Kind Regards

Amy - Hi,

Just wanted to find out some information about having a naming day ceremony.
I’m due 14th of February, was thinking maybe March if your available?

Thanks Amy

Kiarn - Hi just enquiring about prices and availability for the 2nd of September 2016
Thanks kiarn

Kerry Welham - Hello
I am getting married Sunday 23 April 2017 at Caversham House and wanted to know if you are available on this date?
Thank you

Dean - Hi Shannon.

Just enquiring in regards to your availability on 12.11.2016 to officiate a wedding. 430pm ceremony @ Darlington Estate

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon

Ellise Smith - Hi just wondering if you are available the 7th of April 2017? Also wondering about pricing
Thanks Ellise

Brittany - Hi there, are you available on 18/08/2018 and what are your prices please

Belinda Rae - Hi Shannon,

We have been recommended to you by our wedding photographer Dave Biesse of Dave & Charlotte Photography.

Our wedding will be at 4.30pm on 2 November 2019 at Upper Reach Winery, Swan Valley.

We’re hoping you’re free!

Warmest regards,

Aaron Pain - G’day we are looking for a marriage celebrant and would love to meet with you for a chat. Our wedding is in January 2020 and my contact number is 0401231100. Looking forward to hearing from you

Amy - Looking to have our wedding November 2020.

Jess - Hi! We are looking for a celebrant for 27.11.20 , please let us know if you are available, looking forward to hearing from you!

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