Winter Weddings

Ok, so now the cooler months are here, I can be honest.

I don’t love Summer.

I know, I know! ‘WHAT?!’ But I just don’t, it’s hot and uncomfortable and standing in the 42 degree sun waiting for a bride, with a Groom that’s cooking in his suit well, it’s just not ideal.

I do however love sunshine! And luckily for us here in WA we get sunshine all year round. Our winter months aren’t all ‘doom and gloom’ and we don’t get a whole lot of rain.

So why-oh-why do so few people get hitched in winter? Why does nobody want a white winter wedding?

Well the good news is, there’s perk’s to saying your ‘I-do’s’ without the heat wave.

What are they you ask? Lemme break it down for you!

• Save your pennies
Since everyone is set on the warmer months, a number of things involved in your wedding are often heavily reduced. Including the venue! Lots of venues offer a discounted ‘off-peak’ or ‘winter’ package, and you can also do some negotiating on inclusions!

• Save your time!
A winter wedding means less time. The majority of venues and business are choc-a-bloc over summer, however the winter months mean extra availability meaning you don’t have to book 5 years in advance!

• Your hair
The number of bobby pins I go through in summer is ridiculous. Same goes for hair smoothing serum – for both me and the bride! So if your hairs starts to joosh or look like a bottlebrush (a.k.a go frizzy) in the heat or humidity, then a winter wedding is for you!

** this’ just a bonus top, but something worth considering!

• Photos
My gal pal Hanna from Keeper Creative got super excited when I asked what her thoughts on shooting in winter and she said…well I can’t actually write what she said, but the gist of it was that the light is pretty and you can create warmth amongst cool airs.

Whatever that means? But in photographer speak translated that means ‘winter weddings mean amazing photos’. And you aren’t all hot and sweaty!

There’s something mystically beautiful about having mist rolling around in the backdrop of your wedding, it adds a sense of glamour. And being able to see people’s faces (all of it, not just what’s not hidden behind sunglasses!)

• Winter solstice
Everyone loves a reason to drag them out of their jimmy-jams and slippers in Winter! Otherwise we’d be

All weddings are fun, but winter weddings encourage people out of hibernation AND the fact more often than not that it’s ‘low-season’ in the Wedding industry, can also mean you might just save some moolah. Lots of venues offer discounted winter specials and packages, so don’t be afraid to ask!

• The outfit
The plain fact that it’s not 2 million degrees, means you can consider a whole other world of dress styles – sleeves, darker colours, thicker lace and heavier fabric means you can look extra glam without feeling like your cooking. Plus, who doesn’t love a good bolero to finish off ones outfit!

I’ve had just as many weddings disasters in the warmer months, as in the cooler, so all in all, winter weddings can be just as beautiful as Summer weddings, so don’t rule it out on the off chance it may rain. It’s a sign of good luck anyway!