The Magic of Blooms

They say winter is a time for reading, so thought I would write a post today, get a coffee and hopefully I will be able to teach you a little something about the magic of flowers.

Dead flowers I was thinking this morning about the night my boyfriend came to my little Bondi unit with some flowers to say “sorry”. He smiled from ear to ear as he gave his thoughtful gift to me, I smiled back gave him a big hug and said thank you. When I got back inside I was absolutely shocked to find the flowers had started to drop their petals as I walked up my little hall way.

When I approached the bright indoor lights I noted my ‘I’m sorry’ gift was really a bunch of dead flowers.

When I asked my proud boyfriend where he bought the flowers, “Oh” came his reply, “from the corner deli”.

Needless to say I took them back next day and told the deli owner how sad I was he was selling such bad quality stock.

He didn’t care, but I felt better and never went back again.

Because of this morning’s reflection I thought I could spare another unsuspecting person from the same horror, by sharing some hints!

  • Don’t keep your flowers in direct light i.e. windows. The heat from direct sunlight will kill them in a day or two.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask if your florist have a discount program i.e. discount for seniors, regular customers or if you’re just plain broke and it’s your friend’s birthday you need a little something special with in a very small budget.
  • When changing water, clean your container with a little bleach to keep bacteria away
  • Cut your flowers on an angle every two or three days and freshen water at same time, add some flower food if you have some available.
  • Hide the scissors. Use a very shape non-serrated knife instead. Scissors can crush the stems, and then the flowers can’t drink. Monsoon BloomsWhile you’re at it cut off any leaves below the water line, they can cause bacteria.
  • How fresh are your roses? Look at bottom of rose (any blossom really) you are buying, see how many outside petals have been removed or if there is any discoloration. These are signs of older flowers.
  • That weird or wonderful vase you received a delivery of flowers in – ask your florist if they will recycle it with new and delightfully fresh arrangement.
  • Flowers while you fill-up – Be careful of flowers from petrol stations! Fumes can affect the blooms. They may droop early or lose their petals. They could have been cut weeks in advance and put into cold storage.
  • Learn to play well and get along. Fruit and flowers keeping each other company i a no-no. They are mortal enemies. As soon as you turn your back the ethylene gas from the fruit is a sure fire flower killer!
  • Need to Jazz up your red roses? Try pairing them with purple statice or heather. Add colours you feel will cheer up the flowers and make the roses stand out.
  • Beware of those who masquerading as ‘local florist’. Some advertised florists in the yellow pages and top of Google search are national companies, deceiving you into thinking they are local ones. They even buy local telephone numbers to add to the illusion, so double check.
  • And finally, choose locally. If you want more flowers for your money, find a florist in your recipient’s town. Call them directly.
  • Florists spend a lot of time and money learning their magic, a craft that can turn tears to smiles. Say sorry when words just don’t seem enough, fix a broken heart or make you feel better when you have lost a loved one. Floral training creates artists. TAFE can be up to and at times longer than 4 years, then there’s the on the job training. So be sure you choose wisely, choose a trained floral crafter.
  • And last, don’t be afraid to ask for help. We can and will happily help you choose something special to suit your needs..

// Still need an expert, chat to the lovelies at Monsoon Blooms and Balloons for help!