2019 wedding ‘trends’

2019 was just around the corner. And now it’s here! And as I headed off road trippin’ to my final wedding of the year I had a little reflection, as we all do. Except for this time it’s not about all of the resolutions I set and didn’t achieve, it’s about the changes I’ve seen in this wedding world, between January and today.

While we’ve all planned a soiree, a party, a BBQ of some sort, planning a wedding is a little more ‘important’ (well, depending who you ask!) and when the planning stage comes, everyone’s an expert and has a tid-bit or two of advice to share. Well they aren’t ‘experts’, they just had ideas they want to share, and they mean well, so listen and smile and take away what you will from the conversation.

But as an expert, or someone who is at weddings a LOT, here’s my advice, on what’s ‘on (or off) trend’ and what changes we’ll be seeing in 2017.

Top 10 lists are so 2018, so here’s my top 12 things I think you need the heads up about before you get hitched next year!

1. Makin’ it rain
Most of my clients are ‘self-funded’ and footing the bill, while your folks may help top up the fund, your flyin’ solo these days kids, there is no ‘making it rain’ in the wedding world these days. So start saving and be smart. It’s one day on the rest of your life. Do you want swanky napkins or a new fridge?

2. Only the top 10
Weddings are shrinking, and it’s GREAT. People are no longer inviting Nanna’s knitting and bridge clubs, or the post-man’s, nieces son who you met once when you were 5. Every Tom, Dick and Harry isn’t on the list either, and you may not have been on a few guests lists over the year. Don’t take it personally. It’s a cost-cutting exercise. The new venues have smaller capacities, and the cost per head adds up. Quickly.

3. Say ‘I do’ where you want to
Apparently, 75% of weddings aren’t held in churches these days. So you don’t have to mention God, Jesus, Prayers or the like, but you can if you want to. And we can have your ceremony in your lounge room in our jimmy-jam’s (pyjamas)with two strangers of the street at witnesses – so have it wherever your heart desires.

4. Awesome celebrant
Self-explanatory. Choose someone awesome.laurelville-manor-wedding-sj-photogerson-037-4049

5. Land the plane – less talk more action
Ceremonies aren’t going on, and on, and on anymore. Short, sharp, sweet and fun.

Quote the Muppets or pulp fiction if you want to. Celebrate ceremonies are about 20-25 minutes and full of fun and laughter.

6. Flying Solo
** Spolier alert for my gal pals**

Ever since I became a Celebrant I’ve dreaded when (if!) my day ever comes, who my bridesmaids are going to be. Where do you draw the line?

Last week’s wedding had no bridal party. At all. And it was fabulous.

And I think I might just do the same… *cue text messages from my girlfriends*

7. Photographers that LISTEN
One of the coolest things I love about this gig is the super-mega-rad-photographers I get to work with.

And I can’t remember the last time I heard ‘just put you hand on her hip and tilt your head’ – thank god.

Photographers these days are cool. They lurk in the background and take even cooler pics. So pick someone that you gel with and you dig their vibe.

8. Good vibes – nobody really likes sugared almonds
My last FIVE weddings did ‘feel good things’ for the ‘gift’ instead of bonbonniere. And the one before that said in his speech “I saved on the dumb little bags of stuff and put extra on the bar. Cheers” and everyone laughed…and had another beer.

9. Yes, I want chicken nuggets
Super uptight 3 course sit-down menus aren’t fun, folks can’t mingle.

People are picking the foods they want, and lots of it. Everybody secretly loves a buffet, and platters, and a constant flow of food.

More food means people aren’t sneaking off early to go to Domino’s, and therefore means they’ll be busting out to footloose all night long.

When my day comes, baby arancini, chicken nuggets, potato gems, and cakes. Lots of them. Yes, seriously.

10. Google…and then ask around. Not everyone’s tech savvy.
I’m all for people googling stuff, that’s where most folks find me. But I also LOVE seeing some of the less ‘tech-savvy’ wedding suppliers involved. Don’t be afraid to actually ask (not post in a Facebook group) if anyone has recommendations. One of my favourite florists is based in her garage, and one of the best cakes I’ve ever eaten was made in a 1960’s kitsch-as-they-come oven in an even more retro kitchen – and neither has Instagram!

11. I love you more than Nuggets
Yeah ok, I love nuggets. But this was legitimately a line from someone’s vows this year. And it was cool.

No point having a champagne ceremony if your beer folks. Write your own vows, from the heart and say stuff you mean.

12. Your day, your way.
Sounds like a hallmark line, but do things where you want, how you want, the way you want to.

13. Colour splash
You can wear what you want, and so can your bridesmaids. They don’t even have to match, I know, outrageous right?

But it’s not just about what you wear, it’s also about decor. Throw in a purple serviette, or orange chair if that’s your jam. Colours are varying away from the pastels to the whole colour palette. Why not throw in a pop of colour to brighten up your day? Literally!

Sounds like a hallmark line, but do things where you want, how you want, the way you want to.

And don’t you be worryin’ about what nobody thinks!